Juju Cleanse: My One-Day Cleanse Journey Back To A Healthier Me

When I first learned about Juju Cleanse from a friend on Facebook, I was intrigued and curious.  After reading an informative article about it in the Sunday Lifestyle section of the paper, I got even more interested.  After all, it’s been five years since I actually dabbled in anything that geared toward a holistic, healthy lifestyle…I vividly remember going to this beautiful holistic and wellness centre in San Benito, Batangas aptly and simply called THE FARM, where my husband and I enjoyed an entire-day tour of the eco-friendly place, nourished and pampered with soothing massages and fed with delicious vegan food.

If you’re looking for a genuinely enriching and invigorating experience to rest and recharge your physical, mental, and spiritual state, do look into booking a getaway at THE FARM, check out their website at http://www.thefarm.com.ph/aboutus.html.

My body had been longing for a change after the holidays, what with all the delicious buffet food made available at family gatherings and all the amazing vacations that came with delectable gastronomic delights.

The beginning of the year signaled that it was wise to look into a healthier lifestyle change.  Another friend of mine shared that it would be wise to do a detoxification program that involved drinking freshly-juiced fruits and vegetables.  That would be one good step to not only losing weight, but a good time to give my digestive system a much-needed break.

JUJU CLEANSE is “a no-fuss, all-benefits approach to juice fasting,” where the JUJU CLEANSE company delivers freshly juiced drinks right at your doorstep, which are all juices that are detoxifying catalysts to ease your body into an effective cleansing program that you deem fit for your body and lifestyle.

I decided to start with Level One, which is the One-Day Cleanse.  Since I felt I was really just trying to find out more about this whole “cleansing my inner body” business, I wanted to begin with the default cleanse so that I wouldn’t overwhelm my body, but still benefitting from all the vegetable juice goodness.  JUJU CLEANSE actually recommends that you give the common Eastern practice of “one day a week, every week” a try.

Before trying any cleanse, it’s always best to read all the information on their website, especially if there are disclaimers like this one http://jujucleanse.com/disclaimer.php.

My Juju Cleanse Pack

All six bottles of fresh juice were packed and delivered efficiently to my doorstep the day before my cleanse, in a sturdy thermal bag that also came with a cold pack that you had to freeze so you could use it when you went out toting the drinks.  There was also the standard pamphlet and guidelines included.

I knew that on the day I chose to do my cleanse, I would just be taking in the juices in the Level One, One-Day Cleanse pack (that’s six bottles of juice to be consumed at specific times throughout the day).

I somehow tried to prepare myself the day before by not consuming too much food, by lessening my usual intake of food so that I wouldn’t be craving the whole day the next day.  I loaded up on my usual wheatgrass herbal drink, and lots of water apart from light meals loaded with vegetables.  I decided to really rest on the day of my cleanse, even though I’d started doing my Barre3 workouts the week before, and wanted to keep going while I had my momentum.  I went through the Juju Cleanse website, and saw that it is recommended that one rests during a cleanse, although moderate exercises like walking, yoga, Pilates, and bike-riding are acceptable.

Preparing For The Cleanse

I knew that on the day I chose to do my cleanse, I would just be taking in the juices in the Level One, One-Day Cleanse pack (that’s six bottles of juice to be consumed at specific times throughout the day).

Kat Azanza (the very accommodating lady behind Juju Cleanse) did well to provide clients availing of the Juju Cleanse package with Cleansing Guidelines.  These were those important tips:

  • Please refrigerate the cleanse bottles immediately upon receiving them
  • Don’t forget to re-freeze the cooling element to prepare it for use the next day
  • Get plenty of rest the night before and the day of your cleanse
  • Start the day off with a nice fresh cup of mint tea. (They usually provide you with mint leaves, but in my case, they weren’t able to. She just suggested that I have a cup of hot water with a squeeze  of lemon should I feel like having something warm to fill my belly)
  • If you are toting your cleanse around with you during the day please do your best to keep the juices refrigerated whenever possible
  • Keep hydrated during the days with water or herbal teas
  • Moderate exercise is okay but don’t overdo it
  • If you can’t resist food during the cleanse then please snack intelligently (a few celery stalks, a couple slices of cucumber, lots of water)

The Night Before

Since I usually cook dinner for my husband and child, it was natural that there was rice and a one-dish viand at the table the night before I did my cleanse.  I have to admit, I still ate a bit of the Chicken Curry I prepared, but I did make sure to load up on salad even more.  Requested my husband to bring home some Chopped Salad from Cyma that we enjoyed together while my young child heartily consumed the Chicken Curry and Rice.

It was wise to stock up on celery stalks, a pack of herbal tea (we chose to try Malunggay Tea at home this time), lemons for lemon water, and of course, precious cucumber for snacking.  When you’re part of a foodie couple like me, you make sure you stock up on “essential” snacking elements to tide you over, just in case!

Kat also mentioned that drinking unlimited amounts of unsweetened coconut water/buko juice and/or wheatgrass in between Juju Cleanse drinks is permitted during the cleanse, which I greatly appreciated.

My One-Day Juju Cleanse Experience

Armed with six bottles of brightly colored juice resting in the refrigerator, I looked over the cleansing schedule.  Labeled 1-6, each bottle was to be consumed on specific hours all throughout the day.  In the case of my one-day cleanse (I chose Level 1), I was to drink Bottle 1 at 730am, Bottle 2 at 10:00am, Bottle 3 at 12:30noon, Bottle 4 at 3:00pm, Bottle 5 at 5pm, and the last Bottle (6) at 8:00pm.



7:30am – Bottle # 1 was GREEN BOMB. This is their drink that’s loaded (and I mean LOADED!) with assorted green vegetables mixed to boost alkalinity and enzyme power.  We’re talking green juicy goodness from spinach, romaine lettuce, malunggay, cucumber, and celery with coconut water and pineapple.

Since I’d been taking wheatgrass for nearly three months now, the taste wasn’t at all vile.  In fact, it tasted fresh, though I was able to pick out the strong and distinct taste of juiced celery the most.  After consuming the entire bottle, I felt full.  Didn’t experience any cravings or hunger pangs yet, even as I sat next to my little daughter who was happily munching a bowl of Kellogg’s Frosties with cold milk for breakfast.  It was, and felt like I was getting off to a pretty good start with the cleanse.

Contrary to the typical reactions that “Green Juice” can taste all “blech ” and “yucky,” I found this drink to be refreshing and invigorating.  I think one good way of approaching this juice fast is managing your expectations about the drinks you’re about to consume.  Already expect that the juices WON’T necessarily be sweet or fruity like the ones you usually take.

10:00 am – Well, this was the time I was supposed to drink Bottle #2, but I wasn’t able to do so on the dot, I was about 30minutes late.   This has got to be one of the easiest-to-drink juices ever.

Bottle # 2 is SPICY LIMONADA, which is lemonade but packed with some heat by making use of cayenne pepper mixed into the juice. If you love regular lemonade, imagine drinking that with a hint of spice.  Apparently it speeds up your metabolism while swinging your body PH into a more alkaline state, that’s what the guide says.

Talk about helping EASE your way into the juice fast. I love this drink! I just might start making my lemonade this way next time.  How did I feel after taking this 2nd bottle of the day? Well, drinking juice makes you go to the bathroom to pee slightly more often than before, I can tell you that much.

I didn’t feel hungry at all, I hadn’t even tried snacking in between my first and second bottle.  But they say that our body’s reactions to juice fasts can be vastly different.

Hunger Pangs – I have to admit, I started to experience a few hunger pangs and an edge of appetite towards lunchtime, being used to a hefty lunch with my child.  While my daughter enjoyed a big bowl of rice and chicken, and even another bowl of cereal, and some Cookies and Cream ice cream for dessert, and plenty of water, I stared longingly a bit at the delivery menus posted on my refrigerator and took a few gulps of water while waiting for my next bottle.  No pain, no gain. You could say I really wanted to make the most of this juice cleanse. (I did thank God there were cucumbers in the crisper just in case I needed a snack!)

12:30 noon – I was supposed to drink this at that time, but I was an hour later in doing so. Anyhow, I deemed it to be okay that I followed the hour increments a bit loosely, as long as I was following the instructions of drinking the juices in the correct order.

NOW I know why the juice in the bottle before this one was delicious.  This juice called RED GIANT is a potent mix of beets, carrots, pineapple, and ginger.  Honestly, Bottle # 3 did NOT taste good.  I savored the taste on my tongue, and I could pick out the strong taste of beets and ginger mixed with the pineapple and carrot juice.  It wasn’t too much of a struggle to finish the whole bottle, but it does leave a strange alkaline taste in the mouth, which I believe, is the whole point.  Digestion begins in the mouth, when food or juice is mixed with your saliva.  The objective of this juice is to pump up alkaline elements into your body that’ll aid in your body’s elimination and cleansing.

It was with this particular juice that I truly felt that the one-day cleanse was taking effect in my body.  After this juice, there was a trip or two to the bathroom.  The RED GIANT juice’s lovely crimson color belied its ginger-beet-rich taste, but it sure worked wonders as a catalyst for cleansing, that much I can say.  I was actually surprised that one can go to the bathroom and do the number two “gloriously” even if you’re only ingesting juice and not any solid food.

Hunger Pangs – I have to admit, I started feeling hunger pangs after going to the bathroom and waiting for the next bottle of juice to take.  When I took a peek at my crisper, I caught sight of my cucumbers, but also stole a glance or two at the light and creamy Kiri cheese sitting on the refrigerator shelf.  Was starting to get tempted to have cheese and crackers, some banana chips, and a wedge of pan-fried Norwegian salmon, but decided to take some buko juice to tide me over before my next juice intake.

3:00 pm – Since my intake got moved to slightly an hour later, I drank this around 330pm.  Bottle # 4 is called ALKAZEST, which is a blend of coconut juice, pineapple, and grapefruit.  Thank goodness this was delicious.  Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this juice is supposed to supply you with electrolytes to help you go through the rest of the day.  I have to admit, this was a good mid-afternoon drink, and not at all disgusting to the taste.  I’ll keep this combination in mind when I start juicing my own fruits at home.  I discovered that this kind of juice makes you want to pee a lot more, especially when alternating it with water and wheatgrass.

530pm – Missed drinking Bottle # 5 by an hour since I took a short nap.  By this time, I was getting hungry already.  Bottle # 5 turned out to be another batch of GREEN BOMB, which was the same as my first drink.  Since I was already familiar with the taste, drinking this was really no big deal.  I found out that I missed chewing on something, and to think I was on the homestretch of just the One-Day cleanse.  This was my 2nd to the last bottle for the entire day.  To be fair, the “green juice” taste was starting to grow on me, even after just trying two whole bottles in a day.  But the celery taste in this juice really is strong and for a while there, I was feeling a bit dizzy, craving something solid, like a big bowl of chunky soup or a sandwich, even a roasted vegetable sandwich would’ve been welcome.  But I continued to guzzle this Green Bomb juice to the last drop.

8:00pm – Missed drinking my last bottle by two hours since we had to head over to my brother’s birthday dinner.  Bottle #6 turned out to be SALABAT LEMON, which the guide described as a ginger tonic meant to be an expectorant for respiratory problems, and a drink that would improve circulation and stimulate the digestive system.  Well, I don’t know about other people’s reactions to this drink, but when I drank it, I found that my sinuses were declogged somewhat.  Strange, because I didn’t have any colds prior to doing the cleanse.  Could it be a reaction to the drink? I’m not too sure.  Admittedly by this time I was already feeling a bit dizzy and having hunger pangs.  Considering that I was acidic before, I didn’t feel any tummy aches with this lemon-laden drink.

During my brother’s birthday dinner, a big spread was laid out—Baliwag lechon manok and liempo, as well as yang chow fried rice, shrimp balls, bird’s nest with quail egg soup, long-life pancit from Comida de China and a marshmallow chocolate cake.  I only took a few spoonfuls of the soup even though I was feeling hungry.  I was supposed to break the fast by introducing food slowly into my system.  Even though I had planned to break the fast the following day, it didn’t do any harm that I took those few spoons of soup.

We went home and I found myself a bit tired.  Another trip to the bathroom later, I had a pretty good night’s sleep.


  • During a juice fast, it’s good to really take time to rest. I’m glad I decided not to do a Barre3 workout on the day of my cleanse (even though it is just a moderate type of exercise, a combination of ballet, yoga, and pilates), since I was not only giving my body a break but also giving my digestive system an even bigger break by going about a leisurely pace and being able to run to the bathroom whenever I felt like it.
  • Avoid delicious food which serves as a distraction.  This is tough, even if I just went through a One-Day cleanse.  A self-confessed foodie, I thoroughly enjoy preparing and having comfort food with a “gourmet” twist for my family, and being blessed with a husband who happens to be a kitchen whiz (what with his culinary background), we truly know good food.  The challenge is being able to focus on consuming the juices and limiting snacks to just cucumbers and celery stalks during the cleanse, with lots of unlimited glasses of water, buko juice/coconut water, lemon water, wheatgrass, and herbal tea.
  • It’s wise to consider having meals that ALWAYS include a salad. Greens are good for you. And a lot of fruits and vegetables provide the fiber needed for our bodies to cleanse and detoxify on a daily basis.
  • It pays to have encouragement from people.  Kat of Juju Cleanse really took the time to text and ask about how I was doing with the cleanse, and a lot of friends on Facebook also gave favorable feedback about their own Juju Cleanse experience, while some just showed support for my “jumpstart” into a healthier lifestyle route.  All these good vibes helped me focus on my objective, which was to finish the cleanse and listen to my body.
  • Manage Your Expectations.  I am glad  I didn’t have that many expectations about immediately feeling a great change in my body.  It’s wise to look at things realistically, that the big-time manifestations of a cleanse happen when you go through more than a one-day cleanse.  But I have to admit, I did feel lighter after doing the cleanse.  I felt that I lost a lot of water I may have retained the past days.
  • Reactions to a cleanse vary from person to person. A friend of mine who found out I was going to do a cleanse warned me about boils, because another friend of hers went on a cleanse (probably a longer one, not a one-day program like I did) and experienced boils.  I didn’t go through any of the sort, although I saw it was natural that one would frequently pee during the whole juice fast.  If you happen to be going through constipation problems, perhaps this cleanse would be a big relief for your tummy, but don’t expect it to have “laxative” reactions.  For some people, they still go to the bathroom at the usual frequency.  What I did experience was that I felt lighter after the one-day cleanse, and even as I introduced food to my system, I noticed that I wasn’t consuming as much as the same amount of rice I would normally do.
Overall, the One-Day Cleanse using Juju Cleanse was a good experience.  I missed chewing food though. Haha! But for sure, drinking fruit and vegetable juices is something I plan to do on a regular basis, and it’s a good step to beginning my healthier lifestyle.  Hope you’ll get to share your own experiences and tips on leading a healthier life when you can!  Blessings!
For more details on these juices, visit http://jujucleanse.com/.

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